"Rumping" [6 weeks, 4 days Post-Op]

When I left you, dear reader, I had told you of my first attempt at running. I have since undergone yet another PT session (which included about 10 minutes of 2-minute intervals of speed-walking and then 'running') ... but I wouldn't call it running. It's more of a cross between limping and running... which my good friend Jesse so cleverly coined "Rumping".

Today I gave the run/walk intervals another try. I was advised by Drew to go to a track (meaning level surfaces and a nice padded course) but since there was a soccer game going on in Berkley's track infield, I refused to run around the game and provide entertainment for the ~100 people there. So, I went outside of my trainer's wishes, and hit the streets (very carefully, might I add). First, it was taking my walk from a slow, to normal, to eventually quick pace. Then, once I felt comfy, I tried running again. It felt just as awkward as the first two times, but if nothing else, it felt good to be out, trying, and breaking a sweat!

I believe the reason I can't shake the limp while running is I am (1) still having a hard time mentally trusting my surgical leg, (2) my muscle mass in my surgical quad is substantially less than my non-surgical and (3) when I do run, I am not letting my surgical leg extend out all the way, therefore I'm running shorter strides on that leg versus my 'good' leg. This overcompensation caused a little pain in my 'good' leg's hip towards the end of the run, but nothing I feel when walking or going about my day-to-day.

Otherwise I feel I am reaching a point where I actually sometimes FORGET about my 'bum' knee! It is a wonderful thing. The more I find myself putting it out-of-mind, the more I realize I am getting back to that 'normal' lifestyle I so desire. In the coming week I'll still be seeing my trainer 3x, but after that we've decided I'm ready to go to 2x / week. This can only mean one thing... PROGRESS!! :)

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  1. Before I even read that last word, I was thinking in my head, PROGRESS! Mind meld!