2 years Post Op

It's crazy to think it's only been 2 years since ACL surgery-- it seems like it was ages ago, and I credit that to getting back to 'normal life' and feeling good in respect to the knee and otherwise!

Any uncomfortable feelings that popped up around 1.5 years post-op have since subsided and I no longer have unexpected popping or discomfort.  The only times I can expect to be slightly annoyed are if I keep my leg in a bent position for an extended time (either sitting on my heel, or leg crossed underneath me - any time the knee is tightly bent) or sometimes with kneeling.  I have tried to get back into yoga and have wrapped up an egg-carton foam piece and brought it to my classes for kneeling poses.

Sports and activities up until the end of last year continued as I wanted ... I was playing year-round indoor soccer and outdoor in the summer, indoor volleyball (though I longed for sand in the summer but didn't have a team...), ultimate Frisbee pick-up games in the fall and the occasional yoga class.  The diversity of these activities didn't seem to matter as the knee held up fabulously!

In mid-December I learned of yet another change to my body that would impact my sports involvement... I got PREGNANT!  So, while I was bummed to have to bow out of my soccer teams and push aside the idea of getting another indoor volleyball team together - at least this time it was something that I wanted to happen! :) Luckily I still was able to sneak in 2 days of snowboarding in Boise over the Christmas holiday to get my taste of the snow for the winter since this meant missing an annual week-long trip out west.

Next week (April 14, 2011) marks my 2 year ACL surgery anniversary, and I'll be 21.5 weeks pregnant (more than halfway to the August due date!).  I've learned that in pregnancy I am becoming more susceptible to pulled / torn muscles and ligaments and over-stretching, etc as my body releases the Relaxin hormone to "loosen" my body for delivery. This, and the pregnancy in general, means my activity regimen has been reduced to running or walking on the treadmill as well as yoga classes that vary in difficulty.  By being aware of my limits and also knowing I want to avoid any other unnecessary medical procedures, I hope to keep myself healthy and uninjured!

Of course this means that this spring and summer I will be back on the sidelines but I plan to once again cheer on my hubby and friends who play on my adored sports teams so they'll have me back after the baby is born!!  Otherwise, all ACL-related feelings are very much 'back to normal' and I hope to keep it that way!