3 Years Post-Op

Again I find myself asking... where has the time gone?!

Over the weekend I celebrated my 3-year anniversary of ACL reconstruction surgery.  I am happy to report that the pregnancy I wrote about 1 year ago brought a happy, healthy baby girl into our lives in August, who today is 8 months old! Thankfully all the other changes that were going on in my body at the time did not result in any pain or discomfort in my reconstructed (L) knee.

After giving myself the standard 6-week recovery time from labor and delivery, I got the OK from my midwife to get back to sports. That night I was on the indoor soccer field! Since then my knee and post-pregnancy body have tackled more soccer, some frisbee, yoga (and recently hot yoga, or Bikram), volleyball... and this is just in the last few months. This summer is sure to bring on some softball, flag football, sand volleyball, running and maybe even some swimming if I can find the opportunity!  The only difference I can claim from a year ago is that I no longer use an egg-carton foam kneeling pad in yoga. It started because I forgot to bring it to class, and realized there is not so much kneeling, or perhaps it's just less of a pain, to have to use to the foam pad. So that is good news! I also don't feel the same tightness I wrote about previously, but the knees (and quads) do not feel symmetric still. It's been a long time since I've done any knee-specific exercises, but feel my legs are in decent enough shape for my weekend-warrior activity level!

The only challenge I can speak of today is related to my little one who is on the cusp of crawling! To encourage her I'll often end up on the floor with her, and on our main level that means either hard wood floors or a thin blanket to kneel on. We'll be spending a lot more time in the (carpeted) basement in the near future to keep both myself and baby girl with happy knees!

I expect in 1 year from now I'll have about the same report out, but only time will tell! In the meantime, I expect that day to be here before I know it...!