Snow, Here I Come! [8+ Months Post-Op]

Things, thankfully, continue to remain 'normal' in respect to my surgical leg. We're nearing the end of the first indoor soccer season, and while I'm still a little nervous pre-game, I can tell there's improvement in my confidence of my knee, and I no longer hold my breath when someone's coming at me kind of hard, or if I get caught up in a play and think there's potential for knee injury. Starting to roll with the game more smoothly is yet another milestone.

Ultimate Frisbee has ended for the season (for some reason frozen ground is not ideal..!) so after the holidays I'll have to find something besides soccer 1 day/week to keep the knee moving and the muscles strong. Perhaps the BOSU will come in handy here.

All little update details aside, tonight I will be heading to northern Michigan to get back up on the snowboard which I haven't ridden since days before I tore my ACL last March 1!! I was so excited to dust off the 'ol board bag and load up on thermals and snow gear. I will take it easy to start (as the first few runs of every season feel like learning all over again!) but expect to feel nice and strong over the 2 days of boarding! One challenge I expect to face is any kneeling on the snow while strapped into the board. Having a stationary foot in respect to a large board is a challenge either way, and I want to be aware of my motions so I don't do any unnecessary twisting!

Until the next update... Happy Holidays to all!! :)