Back to Reality [7+ Months Post-Op]

Between the whirlwind weekends and evenings, and the shorter days which make me want to crawl into bed at 7pm, I'm sorry that I've been away from the blog so long... So here I am, reporting for blogging duty!

The fun news is that life is mostly back to normal, and now that I've a few more indoor soccer games under my belt (and yes, since you asked, I scored a goal last night! hehe) I see I am still timid, but getting a little better with each game in respect to my knee. Unrelated to my knee, I could definitely use some more skills when the ball is at my feet!

Ultimate frisbee is still going strong on most weekends, and that plus soccer is pretty much the sum of my activity. Although one exception was my halloween costume, which ironically is based on a SNL character whose signature move is lunging. I was more than proud to show off my 'Superstar' moves to anyone who asked! But halloween aside, I willingly admit that I have not been focusing on my knee like I should, and I hope to change that -- after Thanksgiving!

Day-to-day activities (including stairs) feel good, and even lunging or squatting while on the BOSU don't seem to induce any pain in my knee. The one movement I can think of which does bring on a twinge of pain is when I am standing on only my surgical leg and I do a one-legged hop. If the knee doesn't bend much, there is little to no pain. However, if I try to bend more to get lower to the ground and then push off and try to repeat this motion a few more times, there is definitely an uncomfortable feeling. I wonder if this is directly related to my patellar tendon (which is what was used to reconstruct my ACL)? I would guess yes.

Lastly, the 'popping' in the kneecap when going from straightened to slightly bent has been happening less and less with time. Typically when it DOES happen, it is just the once and I can't recreate the popping again right away. I think more muscle work on my quad would help eliminate this noise/feeling-- we shall see!

I'd like to say: I consider anyone who's been through, going through, or will be going through this whole ACL mess is a SUPERSTAR! :)