Getting Back Out There.... [6 Months Post-Op]

While I dabbled in yoga a few months ago as my first activity back (outside of rehab), that fell off the table when the hubby had his own ACL reconstruction and I focused on making sure he wasn't having to carry our daughter up and down stairs or be sure that he was R-I-C-E-ing while he had the compression/ice machine at home.  Since his recovery is going smoothly (he's just begun to run again last week at ~5 wks post-op), things around the house are getting back to normal and I've gotten more comfortable with the idea of playing soccer again. 

2 weeks ago was my first game back (indoor, co-ed), and BOY was I nervous!!! I don't remember having this intense anxiety before my first game back last time, but I was pretty sure I was either going to have a heart attack or pass out, just due to pure nerves pre-game! But between a calming talk from teammate Johnny Drama and the fact that we got there exactly at game start (read: no time to get worked up anymore -- just had to get OUT there...), these old knees jumped on the field.

I was (probably too) careful, but felt comfortable running up and down the field and doing the stop-and-go required. Luckily the cardio side of it didn't make me feel too out of shape, but I was EXTRA careful in any side-to-side stop-and-go.  Sure, they were able to run circles around me and I probably took 1 or 2 awkward spills (more to get out of the way than in the heat of the battle over a ball), but an hour later I walked away a little more confident that the "first game" was behind me and that I was uninjured and just happy to be active again!

Another game under my belt since then has gotten a little more confidence in me, and I even have a snowboarding trip booked for this weekend to hit Winter Park, CO!  I'm excited to get back on my board (due to the baby, I haven't boarded since... December 2010!) and think it'll be a great time! I've already decided -- if I must -- I will happily call it quits if I feel my legs getting too fatigued (or my brain getting too anxious). If that means warming up and enjoying an adult beverage in the lodge-- So be it!

Here's hoping that 2013 brings good things for all (and keeps knees strong)!!

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