Bruising, Home PT, Getting Out and 2nd PT [4-6 days Post-Op]

I must be doing something right! When I tried Friday (3 days post-op) to bend my knee, after a little "warming up" I was able to go beyond 90 degrees. This had me pretty excited considering last time around that was my goal at 6 days post-op.

07.22.2012 5 Days post-op and bending well beyond 90 degrees!
Also, I feel I am able to stand for longer periods of time, take less pain medication and just feel more mobile in general.  I can even go up and down stairs (veeeery carefully) by taking one step per stair, instead of the prior oh-so-cautious 2 feet on each stair as I make my way. (Of course, when carrying my daughter I revert to the most careful stepping!)  Perhaps part of my successful recovery is having the cutest little buddy to distract me...
07.20.2012 - Playing in mama's full-leg length ace bandage..!
Ironically the bruising this time around is much worse, but at least it doesn't feel as bad as it looks!
07.22.2012 - 5 Days Post-Op

07.22.2012 - 5 Days Post-Op

07.22.2012 - 5 Days Post-Op
Yesterday (5 days Post-Op) we got out to watch my hubby and friends play softball and get some fresh air. It went well, many asked how the rehab was going and it was another nice reminder that I can't wait to get back to my normal mobility so even things like spectating are enjoyable again!

Tommorrow will be 1 week post-op. Crazy to think, but grateful this time around seems to be going smoothly. The only hiccup I feel so far is today at PT I was asked to scoot forward in a rolling stool by using both feet to "pull" myself along, and at times my kneecap would catch and pop a little. Drew had me change the exercise so I was "pushing" (going backwards) and perhaps we'll try again on Wednesday when (hopefully) swelling reduces even more.


  1. Hey there, I used to follow your blog when I injured my ACL 3 years ago. Such a bummer to hear you had to go thru it again. My surgical knee is stronger than before and I'm running marathons like crazy, but it sucks that you have to deal with rehab again. Heal well, and I'm pulling for you.

  2. OMG your daughter is the cutest baby!